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To create the sense that sacred secrets are shared by the group that far exceed the understanding of the mere mortals outside.

Not as good as a metal like copper, but good enough to short out an E-Meter.To understand the implications of Don’s painful experiment, we need to get a little technical.006 12 29 Points 1316 Partenaires vivaocs target blanc baznas FWD V4 solid 000 safiweb hostma 00px 3px vertical love jiji bientot hichamtoldo skyblog blank siro tssalo mehdibono wesh houssam salam sarah slt tt monde lkhassar sqal 07 wlad asfi t9admo walah mdintkom wa3ra mais ntoma mhachrine m simo simoraymy mimo moi meryem safi c est mon msn mailto soso 2005 mousi9a net hicham toldo ach hadak chi sadi9 dyalach site adrianhicham 3l makshof tamo sba7 lkhayre sba7ato lilah manak miss kawtar salut yala9ina m3a ma7san mana ou tanatmana matab9awche tkhasro fi lhadra awlade khalti msa tupac saha hi everybody souma ha7na left Votre Message auteur maxlenght msg send Voir archives google 160 600 160x600 E1771E 006699 addv Ajouter Une addm addi Photo addt Telechargement addp Devenez partenaire Signaler bug erreur Contacter 250 Codage Design par Mohamed Yassine 0021274185715 N° 17 Bloc 62 Saida 46000 ligne 94 Total 65559 Corpyright Tous droits r? Bruce was in the SO for 25 years, at the Int Base for 19 years — one of the few true genuises I have ever met.Feel free to skip this if you are allergic to equations and math.

Ohm’s law basically says that electrical potential (usually called “voltage”, electro-motive force) is proportional to current (electron flow rate). So, once the current from the meter gets into the body, it has a straight shot to the other can, it does not pass go and collect 200 dollars or interact with the brain or the soul or the masses of the mind or sheets of energy or anything.The issue is with those few who prey on others by pretending or inventing beliefs with the purpose of gaining undue influence over others.But many have also averred, just as strongly, that Hubbard was onto something.And as a Scientologist who used the meter for hundreds of hours as an auditor, I have some idea what it is like to use one.And as Director of Research and Design for E-Meters in the Sea Org for three years, and contributor to several E-Meter related patents including the Drills Simulator, I can say that I have studied how it works. Don Breeding, inventor of the transistor E-Meter, did an experiment in the 80s and sent the results to L Ron Hubbard, who was unable to figure out what Don was talking about.So we are going by a decades old recollection of a paper I only read once, but since it upended my entire idea of how the meter works and since I put it to extensive testing over the years since that time, I can reconstruct the essential points.