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Perhaps it was the murals, or even the huge gold sofa shaped like a mermaid and bearing the face of his daughter Aisha. (It can be inconvenient for the little people to glimpse one’s gold taps when they lack clean water.) But, should you see inside (without an accompanying death warrant), the only thing not to expect, as Peter York noted, in his 2005 book Dictators’ Homes, is good taste.

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Abramson told ' Leslie Stahl that Rice requested a face-to-face meeting with the Times' top editor wherein Rice asked Abramson to pull reporter James Risen from a story he was working on about the CIA's failure to stymie Iran's fledgling nuclear program.

"She had a legal yellow notebook on her lap with lots of notes on it, and once I had taken a seat across from her, she barely looked up," Abramson said.

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Earlier this year, rumors began swirling that actress Sanaa Lathan has been secretly coupled up with singer and Twitter philosopher extraordinaire Tyrese for years and now Sanaa is speaking out to set the record straight.

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") [on meeting Muammar Gaddafi] [It] was a pretty strange set of events, especially since he had written a song abut me.

In a typical example, a naked Fabio-lookalike wrestled an oversized fanged snake, while a bare-breasted blonde looked on.

In another, gold-tipped missiles poked rigidly into the sky.

There must be animals, too; preferably live ones within a private zoo, and if that proves difficult, glorified images of them: fearsome beasts such as eagles, bears and lions.

Jean-Bédel Bokassa, former self-appointed emperor of the Central African Republic, took this to its apotheosis with a towering, gold-plated, two-ton throne in the shape of a spread eagle (it went very fetchingly with his red velvet and ermine train). Saddam Hussein’s wall paintings became globally famous.

I’d bet the sofa remains in place – it would require the entire rebel force to lift it.