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Hopefully I will be convincing enough as a dancer in the film," she added.

is one of those movies that encourages you to believe in love, inspires you to follow your dreams and makes you want to rekindle your relationship with yourself.

The movie impelled many to take the plunge so they don't regret later on in life.

In a country where you still can't rent hotel rooms with your partner if you're unmarried, many people get married young, just so they can enjoy simple things, like waking up next to each other, or travelling together, without the fear of being judged.

However, many Bollywood actors have normalised the concept of living-in by practising it in real life.

However, the taking-a-plunge-for-love part was unintentionally (we'd like to believe! The Senior Assistant Editor of Filmfare, Raghuvendra S, pointed out this creepy fact through one his tweets.

He mentioned how the whole cast of the movie had broken up with their real life partners since the release of this movie.

Recently, Preeti Desai is filming the movie ‘Gods and Secrets’ which is dated to release very soon.

The beautiful actress showed off her brilliant performances in her every sector.

In 2014, Preeti appeared playing the lead role in romantic comedy movie ‘One By Two’ directed by Devika Bhagat.

She acted as Samara Patel opposite Abhay Deol in major roles where Rati Agnihotri and Jayant Kripalani played the supporting roles.

When Shahid and Kareena broke up, a lot of Jab We Met fans cried.