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Our Pubs, Inns and Hotels across Cornwall, Devon and Somerset are situated in some of the most stunning and character filled locations.Offering many of our own St Austell beers, along with a mix of either traditional and modern inspired food, there's plenty of places to visit in the Westcountry. Our Hotels and Inns, idyllically located from the Isles of Scilly to Bristol are perfect for exploring the South West coast.

This is the quintessential village pub so very absent from the more financially motivated Stockbridge area. We’ve made a […] Read More Every Tuesday night we will be offering our Steak & Wine menu for two.

Alongside our full dinner menu you will be able to get the following fantastic offer: a Chargrilled Rump Steak – cooked to your preference and served with handcut chips, Portobello mushroom and tomato.

I had just had a very long journey from Turkey and had been stuck in snow for 24 hours so this was a welcoming that I needed.

I had a truly excellent pint of nutty beer - well two actually - followed by a delicious sit down meal.

Anne had driven away from the court and the King, Henry VIII's wife Queen Katherine, his daughter Princess Mary, and his former mistresses, such as her own widowed sister Mary, Elizabeth Lady Tailboys, and new ones that the King fancied such as Catherine Parr.

Now Anne was to find she had a new and a threatening rival: Jane Seymour. Jane Seymour's brother Edward Seymour, had been at the court since he was a boy.But at that time no one would have imagined him to ever to one day, reach a position to be ruling England.In 1534 Edward Seymour, who had once been in service with the Duke of Richmond as his Master of Horse, seems to have felt the need to ditch his wife Catherine, married in 1527, and mother of his 2 sons John and Edward, for a new one, Anne Stanhope. Apparently : " - having been formerly employed in France, he did there acquaint himself with a Learned man, supposed to have great skill in Magics: of whom he obtained, by great rewards and importunities, to let him see, by the help of some Magical perspective, in what Estate all his Relations stood at home.The Peat Spade Inn sits in a picture postcard setting in the beautiful village of Longstock in the heart of Hampshire.Located in the Test Valley, less than a mile from Stockbridge – the fly fishing capital of the world – the rivers and downs surrounding the inn are stunningly beautiful and home to some of the best fishing and shooting opportunities in the world. We stayed with a group of friends at the weekend and the staff were more than accommodating. ” “This was our second visit was just as nice as our first we book the byre for 2 nights well worth the price thus self catering cottage was lovely to stay in for 2 nights both days breakfast provided we had dinner both nights reasonable priced food was delicious staff where friendly and helpful will be coming back for third visit next year thanks guys!