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It isn’t so strange for countries to have different calendars — Israel officially works according to the Jewish calendar and Saudi Arabia has an Isalmic calendar. The time on my phone, which is set to the correct time zone, reads p.m. Because Ethiopia is close to the Equator, daylight is pretty consistent throughout the year. in East Africa Time, Ethiopia's time zone, is in daylight hours in local Ethiopian time.So many Ethiopians use a 12-hour clock, with one cycle of 1 to 12 — from dawn to dusk — and the other cycle from dusk to dawn. At p.m., East Africa Time, Ethiopians start over again, so it's on their 12-hour clock.

Sometimes, words or phrases just cannot be converted word-for-word from one language to the next.But in most places, the date and the time works pretty much the same all over the world. There, it’s currently the end of the fifth month of 2007. In the back of a cab in Addis Ababa, a colleague and I ask our driver for the time. He chuckles and adds, “In Ethiopia.” That’s because in Ethiopia, there are two ways to tell the time.“When we organize meeting, they were talking about Ethiopian time, but we were talking about European time,” he recalls. '” It turns out, Oznayan’s colleague meant in Ethiopian time, which is noon by Oznoyan’s clock. In fact, he finds it pretty impressive that Ethiopians have stuck to it. ” In fact, he says, Ethiopians should be proud of their unique ways.Once, for example, he and his colleagues set up a meeting for 6 o’clock. As Addis Ababa booms, welcoming international businesses and organizations from all over the world, one would think that international standards would take over and locals would start telling time the way the rest of the world does. For one thing, they’re one of only two African nations never to be colonized.Reports indicate that two Chinese firms have been contracted to oversee the railway line for the next six years as local employees are trained to takeover in due course.

An official of the management company disclosed that the test runs will be conducted in two directions between the capital, Addis Ababa and the eastern city of Dire Dawa then from Dire Dawa to Djibouti.Oznoyan thought, “6 p.m., no problem.” But a bit after noon he got a call from the guy he was meeting. Also, Professor Wudu Tafete says, the Ethiopian way of telling time is practical.He explains that because Ethiopia’s daylight hours stay consistent throughout the year, it makes sense to start the day at 1, when the sun comes up.Compare all available fares for direct flights to Addis Ababa.Search and find the best fares and deals for flights from Las Vegas to Addis Ababa.The contact details of the responsible Swiss representation are shown on the corresponding page.