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It’s up to you to pick the right service, and for that, you need to know your goals very well.

Do you need it for showing up webcam images from time to time or for broadcasting TV shows and news 24/7 hours?

Is there anything in this world that Word Press plugins can’t do?

Each type of live broadcasting involves a specific type of tools.

Adding live videos to your site could be very interesting and fun and will totally bring you a bigger number of users, especially if you’re broadcasting some popular events everyone knows about or something extreme.

For instance, Live Theme and Video Press are two themes built to work as video streaming themes, which means that they come with a ready-made interface for this kind of purposes and you don’t need to do too many customizations to transform a normal theme into one that works as a broadcasting theme.

You need a special live streaming theme only if you want to use it for this very purpose and want to broadcast lots of events.

Start with a good host and go for secondary solutions just in case.

Basically, live videos can be simply added through plugins or video platforms to any site or blog, but not all the Word Press themes can support live streaming.

Each one comes with its own “rules” and pricing plans that you need to follow.

The thing you need to know is that, after setting any of these live streaming platforms, the providers will give you a unique code which you will embed in your site.

It’s more for fun or for small side-projects somehow.

Setting up any of these resources linked above is not difficult.

But if you need a single live video that won’t get too many people watching it at the same time – live streaming of the Christmas market in a specific city, recorded with the webcam, for instance – there’s no need to use such a theme.