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While there will be some streetwalkers around you will be better off going to the red light districts, or better yet attempting to meet hookers in Istanbul online.

Some security guards will hold out longer then others, but you will always get in.The price is generally around 40-50 Lira in Karakoy, but foreigners will often be asked to pay more.If you are looking for a happy ending sex massage in Istanbul it may not be that easy to find these days.Actually these places pop up all the time but then they move quickly.Here you will find many different brothels all in one place.

You will need to show your passport to enter if you are a foreigner and then they will likely try to rip you off.This is not a great city for strip clubs so you should probably avoid any here.There are also ‘sex clubs’ in Istanbul but they are known to be pretty scammy. Your best bets for finding girls for sex in Istanbul are the red light districts, meeting hookers online, and streetwalkers.They will hang out at the nice hotels in this area either in front of the hotel or in the lobby and bar.It is always really hard to put a price on how much a freelancer will charge but somewhere between 100 and 200 Lira should get the job done.You can take a taxi here and you will see many hookers walking around or standing by the road in Aksaray.