Adult dating scams

Credit monitoring won't work against fraud on existing accounts, such as bogus charges on a credit card.Rather, it alerts you to fraudulent new accounts opened in your name.

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But that didn't stop her from feeling bad about saying no to her child.

Parents feel emotionally responsible for the economic well-being of loved ones, even adult children. Some children encourage those nurturing instincts in mom and dad more than others.

"So they see themselves as 'borrowing' from their future inheritance." If any of these scenarios seems familiar, then tell someone.

Financial abusers count on your silence to mask their misdeeds.

About a million older Americans lose an estimated .6 billion annually as a result, according to a Met Life study titled "Broken Trust: Elders, Family & Finances." Even celebrities such as Mickey Rooney claim to have fallen victim.

You'd like to think that elder financial abuse is committed mostly by strangers. In reality, it's more likely to come at the hands of family members and caregivers.

The financial abuse can take many forms, from outright theft or forgery to rerouting assets without a victim's knowledge or consent.

"Among family members, there's an enormous sense of entitlement by people who feel like, 'I'm going to get the money anyway [after mom or dad dies],' " Duane says.

It also says that 55 percent of financial abuse in the United States is committed by family members, caregivers and friends.

The typical victim is a white female between the ages of 70 and 89 who is cognitively impaired and isolated.

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