Ali and niall dating dating questionair

Right now, theirs is the most important and thrilling sex life ever.One Direction’s Niall Horan gets photographed with a girl…and the Directioners go cray!

I’ve been away a lot but luckily for me I’m quite infantile so it works.” Still, he is hardly a stay-at-home dad.But regardless, Niall is clearly not giving himself enough credit when it comes to owning the fact that anyone would literally die at the chance to snag a date with him.Now for what Niall had to say about about Demi Lovato when the band was asked who had a crush on her, everyone including Niall wrote his name down.It was a shy and sly way to admit it, but it did do the job and prove that he does return Demi’s feelings.Since then she has lived in safe houses in Washington and New York under constant armed protection.

is undoubtedly way hotter, especially if you’re as awash in self-regard as Niall Ferguson.Instead of remaining mum on the topic, Ali tweeted: on well, they realize a relationship might not work out because of 1D’s crazy touring schedule.Guess they can just remain “happy campers” when Niall visits home, then!“The beginning of this year was all Ayaan’s book [her latest, Heretic, was published earlier this year] and I was the one who was home doing dinner and reading stories to Thomas.Now, with this book coming out, it will be me who’s gone a lot.” In retrospect, was the split from Douglas as excruciating as it seemed from the outside?Wonder if Ali will pop up at any of the boys’ North American tour dates…???