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In Argentina’s political history there have been scandals, corruption and violence.

These discussions are better had with close colleagues and friends.

Despite a turbulent past Argentines have good humour and are generally willing to have a good time.

Most Argentine people have Spanish and Italian origins. They like body expressions to come with conversations.

Eye contact is not critical but is helpful to show you are sincere and to build a sense of trust between yourself and an Argentine.

You should remain friendly and courteous in your tone of voice and in the manner in which you speak.

The main event is the big gaucho parade that is usually held on the Sunday closest to November 10.

Geography might have an influence on the characteristics of people you may be in contact with.

In social encounters, Argentine men will kiss females on the right cheek and shake a man’s hand and sometimes offer a pat on the back.

Argentines are generally more affectionate than Canadians.

For instance, people from a metropolitan city, such as Buenos Aires are generally more informal and direct than people from towns and provinces of the interior of the country.

It is customary to shake hands with both men and women when greeting the person.

However Argentine people usually kiss on the cheek, especially among women and between men and women.