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She was nothing special or noticeable — rather short, underweight, and with the hobby of reading and wasting her time on the internet.

Who in the right mind would befriend her, out of all people?

I was no slouch when it came to friends (although with "friends" like Zeke, I sometimes wondered) but I was far from being the big man on campus.I kept looking at Zeke, keeping a blasé expression across my face. Especially his unwavering determination to befriend her. They've tried to break the walls The moment Kim Jongin walked into the class and sat down next to Jeon Mira, she knew something was off about him.There’s only one supplying this kind of hentai shemale wonder by which we mean All Futanari.

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Thankfully, this time he appeared to have nothing at all and folded his arms as if I'd taken his toy away, "What?

Are you suddenly going to pretend like you don't care?

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Then, right on cue, a pair of soft hands fell on my shoulders. " "Only the finest of cafeteria cuisine, including the first meat that can successfully boast no animals were harmed in its making," I jabbed at the mystery steak with my fork.