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Hashtable copied Values; protected void grid_Custom Button Callback(object sender, ASPx Grid View Custom Button Callback Event Args e) protected void grid_Init New Row(object sender, Dev Express. ASPx Data Init New Row Event Args e) 行修改事件 Row Updating protected void gv Function_Row Updating(object sender, Dev Express. You can use the Devexpress Data Controller to make the ASPx Grid View extremely fast and responsive with massive datasets.

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This file doesn’t require any modification and can be closed: There are only two places that will require initialization code.The first is in the Global Application Class and the second is in the Page containing the XPOData Source.If I understand you right, you have found a work-around for you case.However, I would still like to investigate the issue further.They both present the same information so you can use either or both to learn how to achieve grid speed nirvana.

Here’s the screencast – I move pretty quick so it’s only about 5 minutes long: The written steps and the sample files are below.

ASPx Data Deleting Event Args e) 初始化回调事件 Callback protected void callback Panel_Callback(object sender, Dev Express.

NET scalability is loading large datasets in a paged grid.

Add a new item to your project (App_Code directory). After pressing enter, the wizard appears letting you define your database connection to generate the classes from: You can select the tables or just keep the default for all tables and the wizard will generate a file containing the classes.

The wizard generated file contains object representations of the database tables for use by the XPOData Source as you’ll soon see.

Let me know which tutorial style works best, or if you found both useful.