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Mumsnetters' favourites Monopoly, £13.99, age 8 or 5 The classic property trading game is still a firm favourite.With so many versions on offer, there should be a variation to distract even the most devoted screen addict - one specific to where you live will obviously be of added interest, if available.To buy any of the games, just click on their title or image.

MNer Old Roan says: "It's excellent, and smaller children are more creative (generally) when it comes to playdough, so it's easy to involve them." Destination (Hogwarts), £39.99, age 10 The Destination games, invented by a contestant on Dragon's Den, are popular with Mumsnetters, and many recommend this Hogwarts version, which is suitable for two to six players.Made Of Star Dust says: "It's one of those games that can be won with skill, but has some 'luck of the draw' about it too - so the little ones can win." Ticket to Ride, £32.07, age 8 This strategic game for two to five players comes up again and again as a Mumsnet favourite, and there are many different versions available.Mumsnetter Angie1978 says it works with a seven year old and very patient grandad.Trivial Pursuit Family Edition, £16.66, age 8 This family version of the notoriously hardcore game has the genius inclusion of both adult and child cards.Bunbaker describes this game, for two to five players, as "an excellent game that doesn't get boring after you have played for a while".

The Settlers of Catan, £25.45, age 10 As indicated by the slightly higher recommended age, this is more complex and takes around 90 minutes to complete.Playing in mixed-aged teams means younger children can play: MNer fuzzpig reckons children as young as six can join in.Best for families Pictionary Family, £15.66, age 8 Another game with child and adult cards, which can be played in just half an hour with four to eight players.The concept is straightforward, so unless help is required with reading, this should be suitable for unsupervised use.MNer Raisah describes it as "fun without being obviously educational".Board games make a brilliant and bargainous present for a whole family - they can work out considerably cheaper than buying each person an individual gift.