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That’s one of the many benefits of a cruise, you can see lots, have everything at your fingertips, and enjoy a pressure-free, tranquil sail under the stars. Reading this article reminded me of my brother Joe who says he is studying to become a PUA, or “pickup artist.” LOL.Cruising offers a wonderful combination of comfort, activity and new horizons that is extremely appealing to many in the over 50 crowd. Even if you don’t find a new romance on board it’s almost certain that you will make new friends. He spends hours every day on internet forums reading and writing about this stuff.

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You don’t have to do any planning; there is a smorgasbord of activity and opportunity awaiting you.

Relax in a fun atmosphere and enjoy the interesting surroundings while meeting new people.

You know Jennifer, from Big Boobs Bangaroo 29 and Whack Attack 12. Next [pagebreak] Penthouse Executive Club With a celebrity-chef steak house and a 2,000-bottle wine cellar, this opulent, 10,000-2005 square-foot, million pleasure palace is a standout. "The waitresses are pleasant, not pushy, and the environment is super mellow," says Dan Hippler, strip-club reviewer for

This megaclub accommodates 400 patrons and 100 girls a night in lush, cozy themed rooms like the "Harem" or the party-friendly "Penthouse Suite." "It looks like the Guggenheim,"says Jason Schiffer of Strip Club

"On any given night, you're bound to see knockout, Playmate-quality dancers," he says.

"This is one of those places that has everything," says Texas stripper Susan Wayward.If you are single and are wondering if there are options for you, as a 50 person to go on that cruise you always dreamed of, but not feel out of place.You want to get out and see the world, but you may feel intimidated and wonder if singles’ cruises are just for the younger set.Plus, local law allows complete nudity, liquor, and full-contact lap dancing."The girls are hot, and their staff is incredible," says fire breathing porn star Jennifer Steele. Next [pagebreak] Scores Manhattan is full of upscale clubs these days, but if the original is good enough for Howard Stern—he reportedly has his own private room-it's good enough for us. They smile, and if you turn 'em down for a lap dance, they won't get bent out of shape or get up," says Ryan D. "The club's name recognition alone makes it worth visiting for most guys," he adds. Next [pagebreak] Spearmint Rhino A cross between a nightclub and an upscale topless bar, the Rhino's always packed, especially on weekends.Make some new friends or perhaps even a special new one.