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Many windsurfers might believe that rigging a cam sail is actually taking more time than rigging a no cam sail, but also this is not true.So what is the purpose of cams if the no cam sails are fast, and what is the deal that cam sails can be rigged as easily as no cam sails?

On the straight line all sails are feeling light, so the weight of the sail should not be your worry. The AC-X no cam slalom sail is simply the easiest out of the 3. Practically the AC-1 has more acceleration from 10 knots of speed to the top speed against the AC-K as well.The AC-K is more comfortable on the upwind and half wind as it goes in those directions automatically.For a mature ebony female will be able to rock your world in ways you never thought possible.They are no holds barred, x rated and ready to do what ever it is you like and what it takes to get you off. Ebony has a lot of ebony cam girls waiting for you to have a nice sex chat.

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The mast in a cam sail goes in the mast sleeve so fast, that it than compensates the time that it takes to slide the mast in the narrow mast no cam sleeve. The biggest difference is mainly when the wind gets rather gusty.

Once you studied the rigging videos, and understood the sequence and where to press, you will be surprised on how easy it is. A non cam sail, loses the shape of the profile in lighter wind, so it loses a bit of power and speed in the low end wind range.

How many times have you asked yourself, cams or no cams?