Bob jones university no interracial dating

Racism and hatred are not part of our institutional character. Instead of exulting in the freshness and academic importance of the school, they have magnified something that we don't magnify and never discuss. Is Bob Jones University guilty of racism because it has a rule restricting interracial dating?

Students of all races attend here and live in racial harmony and respect for one another as Christians. For there to be discrimination, one race would have to be treated differently than the other.

The First Amendment gives Bob Jones University the freedom to create policies and guidelines under which we operate. Bob Jones University is a 73-year institution grounded in academic excellence and Biblical doctrine.

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How do you explain the sudden hatred and bigotry the University is subjected to by the media and the political "three tenors," Mc Cain, Gore, and Bradley, who sing the same off-pitch tune of the liberal left?

Isn't it really a compliment to Bob Jones University that the likes of John Mc Cain, Al Gore, and Bill Bradley seethe and fulminate against us?

Our more than 34,000 graduates are the types of people America needs.

Our University firmly believes in freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of America.

Back in 1966, Bob Jones Junior spoke about race in chapel.

With my own ears I [Bob Vincent] heard him say the following: “Blacks have never had a successful civilization.” “Blacks were designed by God to be servants.” “Blacks are only happy when they are in the role of a servant.” "Roxanne [Jones Robinson, Dr.

Although this Post was made on or about May 24, 2007, it belongs in the first part of the interracial dating ban Series.

Please excuse the fact that I am unable to keep these posts in order.

Why has Bob Jones University become their whipping boy? Why are the radicals like Gore, Bradley, and Hillary permitted to seek the political blessing of the likes of Al Sharpton, an outspoken Jew-hater, without being required to distance themselves from his beliefs, while the Republican candidates are held to a different standard?

Does the irrationality and intensity of the persistent hatred now directed at Bob Jones University seem outlandish?

The interracial dating ban was not an obscure policy that was ignored by the last two or three generations of Bob Jones University students; it was an important rule that everyone knew.