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During 20, their status changed as they were formally recognized by law, with their status inside Cameroon's sporting infrastructure changing.

They have been involved with organizing goalball and blind football competitions in Cameroon. 2011-18 of 15 July 2011 related to the organization and promotion of Physical and Sporting Activities.

After finding irregularities, Fakkel 2000 contacted three leagues who Fakkel 2000 funds from FECASDEV should have gone to.

These leagues reported not being paid or being paid less than they were owed, with irregularities totaling 515,000 XOF (USD8.45).

La Guinée équatoriale a décidé de fermer sa frontière avec le Cameroun suite à l’arrestation par la police camerounaise dans la localité de Kyé-Ossi (Sud) d’un commando lourdement armé qui « projetait un coup d’Etat en Guinée équatoriale », révèle ce samedi APA citant des sources concordantes.

) is the national sports federation for people with vision impairments.En revanche pas de Stéphane Mbia, Carlos Kameni notamment.Dans le groupe A avec le Gabon, le Burkina Faso et la Guinée Bissau, le Cameroun a au programme de son stage d’avant compétition un match amical contre la RD Congo.The organization is one of four member federations of the Cameroonian Paralympic Committee and is a member of the International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA).The organization's history dates back to 1999, when they were founded as the Sportive Association of Blind and Partially Sighted of Cameroon.Cette absence sonne comme un coup d’arrêt pour les Lions Indomptables.