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If we were to cancel our subscription to Livestream we would lose our Approach Cam also. Also, we want to vastly improve how our equipment at the base of the tree is stored/run many of our connections are not as protected as they should be from the weather, and much of our sensitive equipment is crammed into small boxes that aren’t made for this application.

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We hope with changes like these our entire system will be improved dramatically.We are also looking at several short term solutions.Thank you to all our viewers, and to all our moderators who have stuck it out with us thick and thin.We will do our best to keep on with this project and provide you with the best we can.We will have a lot of expense this year on replacing equipment, and we may not get many donations with the camera in its current state, so we will do the best we can with the resources we have, and provide you with the best experience we can going forward.

Elliott & Eloise blessed us with 2 fabulous eaglets/juvies this nesting season. This time frame was similar to HB7 & HB8 last year’s juvies.Just going up the tree to get the camera at this stage could risk disturbing the eagles, and would be a violation of the International Migratory Birds Treaty, and the Bald Eagle Golden Eagle Protection Act (Act 16 U. There is just nothing more we can do that can be done from the ground, all the connections to the camera are perfectly fine, it is the camera itself that has a problem. It may not seem like it in chat, but people are still coming to the site.Until we are able to handle the camera there is nothing more to test. We were hoping to give an update when things had changed. We will try to give more updates with or without change. From December 4th to January 3rd we have had 4221 independent users visit our site.We are giving them a second chance at life as educational birds, that will hopefully be enjoyed by many for years to come.We gebruiken cookies om inhoud en advertenties relevanter te maken en je een veiligere ervaring te bieden.That is a lot less than normally at this time of year, but it is still a lot of people who care about our eagles and want to see them. We haven’t always even had cameras (when we started the only way to see our eagles was in person), we have had difficult times before, and we have always tried to provide the best views of our eagles that we could through it all. As for keeping various aspects of the site up based on monetary reasons.