Cassie steele and jake epstein dating updating file in jar Craig is actually a very complex character, being bipolar." Was returning to the show always part of your plan? " and then I was like, "The stadium, like, the biggest venue in Toronto.Grimes attended City Academy, a private school for her last two years of high school.

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Many celebrities joined the campaign which later became a big movement.

In the fall of 2011, she directed a music video for Megan and Liz's original song "Are You Happy Now?

Prior to that, she had a recurring role on the television series Naturally, Sadie, and played Darcy Edwards on Degrassi: The Next Generation for four seasons.

Grimes played a cameo role in the horror film Scream 4. She attended Forest Hill Public School for elementary school. You've been away at school, so how was it going back to Degrassi? You see your old teachers, who are [now] the directors and producers. I think when I came back it was pretty much just a big party. Yeah, she mentions you every once and a while. Does Craig know that Ashley [whom he once proposed to] and Jimmy [his former bandmate] are back dating? Plus, he's with Manny and sort of pursuing Ashley's best friend, so I don't think he can really feel bad about Ashley going out with Jimmy. Epstein: He has been in Vancouver, living the rock-star life, but he's lonely and has been dealing with drugs. He comes back to play a show in Toronto and to see his girlfriend, and to see Ellie. Also, you'll be performing with the band Taking Back Sunday. They were so down-to-earth and cool, and they were fans of the old Degrassi. I asked if they were in town for a show and they said, "No, we're just in town for Degrassi." I was like, "Where have you played here? Did your acting experience on Degrassi make you a shoo-in to get accepted? It is a theater school, so television didn't count. I have a family member who is bipolar, and so is one of my best friends, so that was obviously a huge inspiration for doing those episodes. I could tell it was a really important topic for them to see on TV. You see your friends and you just pick up where you left off, though with some people it is really awkward. Craig's girlfriend, Manny (played by Cassie Steele), is still on, after all.... Epstein: I've missed a couple, but I have been following it. Epstein: I think it is sort of mentioned, but I think Craig has moved on. [] What is going on with Craig when he returns? I didn't know a lot about them, but then I went on You Tube and [looked them up].

In 2008, Grimes left the series and Canada after being cast as Annie Wilson in 90210, the CW's spin-off of Beverly Hills, 90210.

She also appeared in Picture This with Ashley Tisdale and with her former Degrassi: The Next Generation co-star Lauren Collins, and then in True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet alongside singer Jo Jo.

I'm like, "Wow, 30,000 people came to see you." Are you performing one of their songs?

Epstein: How it works is that Craig meets Taking Back Sunday, and they ask if he'll open for them.

In 2009, Grimes was named one of the world's most beautiful people, without makeup, by People magazine.