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Harder I could hear her husky voice demanding, I pumped hard into her, the ribs of the inside hitting my nerves I felt myself beginning to cum. That was it I fucked her mouth harder and came intense hot and fucking good stuff I said to myself. "Oh I see, well I will book you again at some point when I need you." She said in a quite shitty tone. I am here because I want you again, you understand? You know I have not had much experience what do you want? She got up and went to her filing cabinet, she was wearing a short tight skirt with fish net stockings and stiletto heels. She sat back down behind the desk and pushed herself back in the chair, looking at me. " "Well Anne if I said even sitting here with you I want to fuck you from behind what would you say? I want your cock in my mouth, I could not sleep last night thinking about you." She then began to undo her blouse, not fully just enough to fully reveal a black front fastening bra, her tits bulging out of it.

"You see he never hardly ever went near me even if he did he would just get on top do what he had to do there was no adventure there at all." Anne explained.

"Well Anne like I said it is his loss and I mean that in all ways. " I asked as we sat in the car putting our seat belts on.

So I called up Megan and got some info on Anne, I told her Anne had left something behind and I needed to find where she worked. "So then Rob here I am, what are you going to do now?

Megan gave me Anne's Company name, a bit of research and I had the address and phone number. That was it I was going to pay her a visit at work. "Shame you never asked me all this last night, well I sell women's clothing and accessories." "I see, is business good? I really have not much time." I stood up walked the very short way to her and kissed her hotly on the lips. I felt her fumbling with my belt and slowly lowered the zip on my jeans, her hand sliding into them and finding my semi aroused cock.

She moved down the bed slightly and with a bit of caution started pecking at my head, her lips felt good as she went a bit further down, and continued wanking me. She then continued, taking my full length, I watched her head going up and down and I wondered if this was truly the first cock suck she had ever done.

"Wow Rob this is so good, I never imagined it would be like this and you are so hard.And my other fantasy thing I would love to do is to get fucked on top." Shit I am now thinking she wants to ride me, but she had no intention of doing that just yet as she pulled her tits out of the top of her dress and began to rub one of her nipples against my cock."I am loving your cock Rob, hmm it feels so good against my tits. She began to find her rythm and I just laid there and watched her slowly riding up and down.You didn't answer my request just now, I want to go on top I want to feel what it is like." "Anne whenever you are ready just climb aboard." With that she went up on her knees and positioned herself over my up right cock, I was looking forward to this. "Awww fuck Rob this is so good oh my awww awww yes oh." I slowly began to pump her as she pushed her dress down to her waist and took her tits and began to rub.She lowered herself my cock just touching her pussy. " "Fuck yes Anne lower yourself oh fuck that's the way." I felt myself go into her she was wet and loose. "Hmm oh my that feels good fuck me harder oh yes Rob oh my no not to fast oh yes that's good." I slowed back down for her as I was getting carried away. "Oh yes Anne you were awesome." I was a bit disappointed it did not last too long but it was her night and lets face it she was probably a bit wary of things.She did look her age, not being horrible but she looks like she has had a pretty hard time. We chatted and then tucked into our steak meals, the food was good and the drink was going down Anne's throat like water, I was beginning to wonder if this was a good idea, don't get me wrong she wasn't pissed but another bottle and would be.