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This approach provides a best-of-both-worlds scenario where smaller groups located in different cities connect face-to-face at local venues.Then each smaller group takes a turn hosting and streaming the content out to the other locations.

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So we recommend shooting everything live, as it happens, in the room so your virtual audience is getting the exact same experience as those who are on-site,” he explained.“If a presenter backs up a slide to make a point, or even makes a mistake, the virtual viewer follows right along.” Remind speakers to specifically engage with the virtual audience.However, when I raised this issue with Brian Swann, director of digital services for PSAV, he pointed out the great irony of digital streaming: it does not actually take away from but can enhance face-to-face connection.For Brian, the most significant value in streaming digital content comes when it is used in combination with face-to-face events.Ensure that the audience is aware of the event schedule’s time zone.

Offering simu-live events is one way to extend the live engagement experience to people in different time-zones, or, at a minimum, offer VOD content so people can consume it at a time that is more convenient for them. If you want webcasting, find a webcasting expert; if you want in-room AV, then hire the in-room expert.

Give them access to the audience chat-box questions while they are presenting.

Encourage them to engage directly such as, “Bob from Regina who has a great question.” Keep your content up as long as possible.

You can also give your moderator the ability to pull participants out of the chat room and have a one-to-one conversation with them on the side.

Moderators are particularly important if you are discussing a hot, controversial topic. Ideally you want to decide on a webcasting option early on in your event planning process so it remains in sync with the rest of your event elements.

Conference organizers can alleviate this problem by making popular sessions available after the event through Video on Demand (VOD).