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It’s not known when he would make the announcement, if an announcement is to be made at all.

Calling Mr Horton incredibly stubborn, Mr Burt said the reversal seemed out of character, and suggested that Michael Dunkley or others in the Government might have pressed for the session to go ahead.At about 1.15pm, police moved in on protesters barricading the entrance to Sessions House, grappling with the crowd in an unsuccessful attempt to clear the way that ended with officers assaulted, and demonstrators pepper sprayed.And because of their reputations, members of his team take care to keep information on a need to know basis.Either they’re full of a sh-t then or they’d be potentially jeopardising a huge acquisition.The insertion will be updated in mode OTA (Over the Air, "by air").

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Whoever made the call to insist that Parliament sit that day is responsible for what took place after, Mr Burt said yesterday, telling the media that in other jurisdictions, someone accepts responsibility and resigns.

He largely dismissed the Peer report, which criticised the polices tactics and level of preparation, as whitewash, collusion and cover-up, suggesting that the Government was avoiding an independent investigation of the days events to avert being implicated.

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The Royal Gazette attempted to contact Mr Horton yesterday for clarification on the decisions made on December 2, but was unsuccessful.