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In 1938 an energetic dynamo named Louis Sloss becomes the company’s first accountant, office manager and ultimately the VP of Finance.

He holds down the fort while the boss is out making friends and striking deals, for the next 44 years.

Though he retired in 1984, he remains an loyal friend and advisor for the company as of his 90th birthday in 2012. The company tests the lease market for large format offset printing with a Chicago-based folding carton manufacturer.

The client falls on hard financial times and with lessons learned, it is decided that the Sasser family business should stay with its many strengths.

We hope you enjoy our story, and consider becoming part of it. Sasser leaves his job with Mather Stock Car Company and begins his own business in Chicago, Central West Refrigerator Despatch.

Using wood-sheathed boxcars, this budding new business is able to provide refrigerated rail service to farms along the Illinois Northern Railway, a local line later absorbed by the Santa Fe Rail Road.

CFCL responds by purchasing new covered hopper cars from builders such as Pullman Standard and ACF Industries to incorporate into the lease fleet. After more than 40 years of operation, the Chicago Freight Car Company shop is forced to close.

Robert Sasser retires his position as President and remains Chairman of the Board of Chicago Freight Car Leasing. The rail line that served the facility was privately owned by International Harvester, which went bankrupt, leaving the facility in no-man’s land.

Ask Chico when he started at Chicago Freight Car & Parts and he’ll flash a big smile as he tells you proudly, “September 25th, 1969!

” He holds the record for the longest-term employee at the repair shops. To accommodate US grain exports to the Soviet Union, covered hoppers are in demand.

It serves well for 26 years, until 2009, when a decision is made to return to the organization’s core business strengths.