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This allowed the settlement of Nebraska Territory and the founding of Omaha City. Brown operated the Lone Tree Ferry to shuttle California Gold Rush prospectors and Oregon Trail settlers across the river between Kanesville, Iowa and the Nebraska Territory.The Lone Tree Ferry eventually became the Council Bluffs and Nebraska Ferry Company.Translated, the word "Omaha" (actually U-Mo'n-Ho'n) means "Dwellers on the Bluff".

With early settlement came claim jumpers and squatters, and the formation of a vigilante law group called the Omaha Claim Club, which was one of many claim clubs across the Midwest. After losing the Nebraska State Capitol to Lincoln in 1867, many business leaders rallied and created the Jobbers Canyon in downtown Omaha to outfit farmers in Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming and further west.

During this period many of the city's founding fathers received lots in Scriptown, which was made possible by the actions of the Omaha Claim Club. Their entrepreneurial success allowed them to build mansions in Kountze Place and the Old Gold Coast neighborhoods.

The history of Omaha, Nebraska began before the settlement of the city, with speculators from neighboring Council Bluffs, Iowa staking land across the Missouri River illegally as early as the 1840s.

Before it was legal to claim land in Indian Country, William D.

They had developed a semi-nomadic lifestyle necessary for survival on the Great Plains.

The Pawnee and Otoe tribes had inhabited the region for hundreds of years by the time the Siouan-language Omaha tribe had arrived from the lower Ohio valley in the early 18th century.Brown was operating the Lone Tree Ferry to bring settlers from Council Bluffs to Omaha. Surrounded by small towns and cities that competed for business from the hinterland's farmers, the city suffered a major setback in the Panic of 1857.A treaty with the Omaha Tribe allowed the creation of the Nebraska Territory, and Omaha City was founded on July 4, 1854. Despite this, Omaha quickly emerged as the largest city in Nebraska.After a smallpox outbreak, and suffering cultural degradation, disease, the elimination of the buffalo, and continued property loss, in 1856 the Omaha sold the last of their claims and relocated to their present reservation north in Thurston County, Nebraska.On July 21, 1804, the Lewis and Clark Expedition passed by the riverbanks that would later become the city of Omaha.Some organizations had already been formed, but they became more active, leading into the city's Civil Rights movement.