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For example, a first-rate Civil War uniform, including trousers, jacket, shirt, underwear, shoes, and hat can cost several hundred dollars.

In addition, accessories such as a musket, military leathers, and bedrolls can push the entire investment to well over one thousand dollars.

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The best reenactors carefully craft the persona of individuals from the past.

They refer to this activity as creating an "impression." To develop a credible impression reenactors must be authentic, which is indicated by the closeness to which a reenactor approaches exact replication of the "historical personage, place, scene, or event from the past" (Handler and Saxton, p. Serious reenactors invest a great deal of time researching their historical impressions to ensure authenticity.

Reenactors, referring to themselves sometimes as "living historians," are individuals who publicly recreate historical events and eras by donning historical dress and emulating period behavior.

For most it is a hobby or pastime, occurring among all age groups and genders in varying locations around the world.

Great care is taken to ensure that historical anomalies are not apparent in the reenactor's kit or ensemble.

Some even go so far as to count the number of thread stitches per inch in a garment's construction.In fact, achieving authenticity in reenacting is viewed as an "index of performance competence" (Turner, p. Those who master authenticity are admired by their fellow reenactors, and those who do not are frequently ridiculed by their peers.Replicating period material culture is an important necessity for achieving authenticity.Separating the two military camps is usually a civilian camp, containing nonmilitary reenactors and sutlers who supply the reenactors with their "period" material needs.Saturday and Sunday activities entail military drills and staged battles.In normal years, taps would be played and each side would march back to their tent encampments. Last week, organizers announced they had received a letter threatening “bodily harm” to attendees. “We would like to make everyone aware that the Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation has received a letter threatening bodily harm to attendants of this event,” the foundation said in the statement.