Completely dating site no credit card

Having read all the comments on this page I get the impression that the credit card companies are fully aware of the scam but when I spoke to them they gave me the impression that this was news to them. They need to close up this loophole/flaw in their system and stop this happening. I found out the company is out of the Peoples Republic of China.

I'm trying to mastercard not pay them and hopefully they'll give me back the money. No where on website does it say merchandise is shipped from China.

Jerseys are not as pictured on website, colors are off.

i follow your instruction to do the payment for the items i purchase from your store, but didn't received any goods and even didn't reply the email i send to your customer service. Online company wanted to “split” the loss because they were “slighted” too.

The online store is Home & Garden, website is 40.96 was taken out of my school account without knowing who you are and I know I did not make any purchases in the last month. This is enough fraud against me and I am not playing. DO NOT order from Eldon-Associates and if you see a charge from Zimaotong on your card ... is not from UK its in the USA and we do hve lawyer now who gone take care of all our cases.

I’ve also been charged by Zimaotong Beijing £63.32 plus £1.74 exchange fee!

Never ordered any goods or ever visited any website connected with this. The company showed up on my credit card as FHT*TERRYKON CO SHENZHEN CH.

Anyone know anything about this company, please let me know. I only buy a product to vipserviceeu (or fashion online) of a facebook advertising. I have purchased a bag and purse from a company apparently in London and have been charged with this domain.

the web page no longer exists, the product never arrived and the payment was debited to me. Have contacted my credit card to didpute the transaction :( no item or replies from the company. Company listed as being located at 2495 US-287, Westminister, Colorado when actually they are Ounce Limited in Hangzhou, China.

I did NOT order anything online & have not given my banking details or debit card to anyone! Attempted to order a Kitchen Aid Food Processor (advertisement from Instagram).

Instead of payment in GBP (as it was declared in the Internet-shop) I was charged in RMB (563,23 CNY), and there was no email order confirmation, neither I was informed about the status of my order.

I received an sms in October 2017 on my mobile informing me that an amount in dollars had been charged against my account by INFODESKBGLOW.