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During this period, Commander Venus also release a four-way split seven-inch with Lux-O-Values, Norman Bailer and Weld.

Meanwhile, Oberst releases a split seven-inch with Squad Car 96 on H. It marks the first release for his latest project, Bright Eyes.

His father Matthew is an information manager at Mutual of Omaha, while his mother Nancy is a teacher.

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Matthew Sr.'s business background becomes a major asset for Conor later in his career when he makes his father his business manager. At age 10 he learns to play guitar, receiving lessons from Matthew Jr.His two older brothers, Justin and Matthew Jr., introduce him to '80s indie and alternative bands like the Cure, R. and starts hanging around the local indie record shop, Antiquarium Records.Bill Hoover, a member of local group the Darktown House Band, is in the audience and asks Oberst to come back a few weeks later."I had to write enough songs to play a whole set," Oberst tells the blog , Oberst's debut cassette, appears as the first release on Lumberjack Records, a label founded by his brother Justin and his friend Mike Mogis as part of an entrepreneurship class project. After Matthew leaves, the band morphs into Slowdown Virginia."There were always kids putting on shows, but it was pretty contained within the city.

Not many bands broke out and started touring," he says.

The label quickly becomes the anchor for a collective of local friends and musicians, including Tim Kasher, Robb Nansel and Ted Stevens. "There were a bunch of other bands in Omaha that were playing," Nansel tells , "I basically just jumped right in and started doing it all the time.

And yet the whole process is documented, for the past ten years.

has a diverse and colorful past that continues with a thriving present as one of the premiere concert venues in the nation.

Opened in 1906 as Curran Opera House by wealthy billboard sign owner..

However their success is curtailed after Bowen and Kasher quit (the former no longer wanted to play drums, the latter to concentrate on Cursive).