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allowing our clients streamlined access to the best people available.

This fee is guaranteed for three months on a prorated basis.Direct Placement This option bypasses our six month placement plan, putting the candidate directly on your payroll for a fee.Once we determine the specifics of the position you need filled, we will tell you the hourly rate we would bill for the position. Your bill rate includes the employee’s hourly pay rate, workers’ compensation insurance, unemployment insurance, payroll, recruiting and hiring.Unless background checks and/or drug testing is requested, 10 til 2’s clients do not incur any further costs beyond the hourly bill rate.10 til 2 offers a 90 day prorated guarantee on all Direct Placements.

What if I love my 10 til 2 employee and want to put them directly onto my payroll?

Resumes & Interviews After determining the top candidates for your position, 10 til 2 will forward those resumes to you for your review.

You choose the candidates you wish to meet, then we schedule interviews for you.

We offer a 90 day prorated guarantee on all Buy-Outs. If the 10 til 2 employee you select doesn’t work out for any reason, simply call your 10 til 2 contact and we will end the placement.

Hopefully you will allow us to resume the search for the right employee.

If required, we can conduct skills testing for specific software and processes.