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Our kids call them ‘our bells,’ and they know when it’s dinner time, bath time and bedtime based on when the bells peal!

Our morning ritual is going to the local market and visiting the same stalls each time.

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When harvest time comes at the end of summer, is made and canned. But anywhere you go in the country, the food and wine are incredible. government in Šestine, a residential area just north of the Zagreb city center.It’s a delicious condiment made from grilled peppers and eggplants that we eat by the spoonful when our friend brings it over. In Dalmatia, on the coastline, it’s heavy on seafood. The approach is ideal for children, with its focus on fresh, simple dishes. Truth be told, it’s the biggest house we’ve ever lived in and probably ever will again — with a pool, balcony, views and a lovely backyard.The families all know us by name and give our kids hugs and free fruit.On relating to the land: We noticed right away that backyards serve a different purpose than they do in the States.Društvo se ovdje svakodnevno okuplja od jutarnjih sati.

Klikni na ulaz na chat 3 i razbucaj ekipu samo tako!In today’s Motherhood Around the World interview, Amanda shares their favorite holiday tradition, the food that makes her do a double take and Croatians’ answer to anything that’s ailing…On moving abroad: When Cameron got an Olmsted Foundation scholarship — which immerses American military officers in a foreign culture and language — we were asked to list all the places in the world where we’d like to live for a few years.On daily routines: As a family, one thing we love here is all the magnificent churches.We wake up and go to sleep to the sound of their bells.Lajkaj ako si za hot chat hr - najbolje pričaonice u hrvatskoj i balkanu.