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First off, this pre-dates "Mad Max" by 7 years, and obviously pre-dates the whole 80's 'aftermath' genre.So, that being said, this is a "lost" film, because there is no record of this even existing that we can find!Angry patriots carry away the estate’s furniture and burn the place to the ground.

Things become more complicated when Nora overhears Danbury plotting to join Benedict Arnold and strike against the colonial army- but she is captured by Tom and his British sympathizers !However, Tom’s fiancee Melody has also been eavesdropping- and, broken-heartedly decides to ride to tell the army what he’s planning, while unbeknownst to her, Tom hides Horatio’s letter in a clock.Phil Nordell (Bounty Hunter) searches for rare virgins to sell to the highest bidder.(Of course legal 'of age' virgins are just as rare now as they are in the future) The Reverend (Nutjob in real life) (Jeff Conaway) has an unusual appetite for virgins, and wants them, but our hunter has fallen for one of the gals, and wants her for himself.The ballot is at sure you follow all the instructions, or your vote will not count!

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This 1946 ghost story features Lou (as Horatio) and Bud ( as Cuthbert and his descendant) as separate entities, not as a team- Lou is teamed up with the lovely Marjorie Reynolds as the two ghosts.

We’ll talk about the stories of WHY the boys were not a team in this film (and the expert who disputes them), as well as giving background on the other players, including Gale Sondergaard and Binnie Barnes.

Horatio and Melody, now ghosts condemned to stay on the estate unless they are proved innocent of being traitors, see the new tenants arriving- young Sheldon Gage, his fiancee, her wise-cracking aunt, and Sheldon’s psychiatrist (note: it would appear the reason for his having a psychiatrist has edited out of the film – you can see a jump cut when they first arrive and talk about the psychiatrist coming!

) As luck would have it- the shrink is a look-alike descendant of Horatio’s old nemesis Cuthbert!

After the bomb drops, the military devolve into wild killer rapists (hey, who's to say that wouldn't happen? Meanwhile, people live in these bubble-like worlds (like "Logan's Run") and have lots and lots of sex!