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For the latter, the following documents must be presented: Only civil marriages are recognized as legal in Bolivia and are performed by a civil registry official, either before or after a the religious ceremony at Church.Although the marriage age in Bolivia is 21, men can marry at 16 and women at 14, with parental consent.

Some Andean customs, originating from the Incas are still in practice as well.Obviously, customs vary depending on the region, social class and whether you are in a rural or urban area.To qualify for a Bolivian residency visa the following requirements must be met.Anyone wishing to get married in Bolivia should apply for the Visa de Objecto Determinado or 'specific purpose visa'.Some communities believe in co-habitation and starting a family before the marriage ceremony, whereas others follow the more Catholic tradition of marriage being the first step.

At such events as marriages, baptisms or funerals, offering a lot of food is very important.

On All Souls’ Day, or Day of the Dead, it is even Bolivian tradition to offer food to the dead, as they are believed to return to their homes on this day.

Bolivian people are generally quite suspicious, so there are other ‘supernatural’ ideas that exist too.

Canadians are also advised to avoid all demonstrations and public gatherings because they may turn violent.

Roadblocks should not be crossed even if they appear unmanned they should be avoided to avert possible confrontations with the authorities.

Areas that have violence or demonstrations should not be approached with cameras or communications devices.