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Mosques and other temples are said to be investing in the modern systems, though it is not all plain sailing.

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The whole song is like 'I don't mind, you're terrific', then it's like 'I'm proud to call you my b****'.That doesn't feel quite as respectful as you think it is!''Well you wouldn't introduce her as that, that's just banter between you! And revealing his comical pet name for his wife, James replies: 'Oh friendly banter.Like when I call her my boom booms.'The duo end their skit by helping push a broken-down car to its garage.Usher demonstrates: 'You have to get your walk right. Insulted, James hits back with: 'You look like a cartoon cat though'.

In hilarious scenes Usher attempts to teach him some more moves before admitting defeat, with James adding: 'Yeah i'm never going to the club with you'.

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Come on out once again this Tuesday night for LIVE BAND karaoke with Danny Kramer! BTW..those who love to sing with a live band..can also go to the Mc Phillips Street Station on Thursdays to sing with Danny in the Jokers Lounge!!

The new i Phone commercial shows off the fun feature, showing how the Face ID tech can mimic users’ facial expressions.

Since the i Phone X launched earlier in November, Apple users have been sharing their own animoji videos online – lip-syncing to everything from AC/DC’s TNT, to Bohemian Rhapsody.

But James can't relate, responding cheekily: 'It wasn't like that in High Wycombe I had to make my own moves.