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The updated Founding Members list will be finalized by spring 2018.

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FNI ratifies Agreement-in-Principle (March 30, 2008). Canada ratifies Agreement-in-Principle (June, 2008). 2009 – First Stage of the Enrolment Process November 30, 2009 marked the conclusion of the first stage of the enrolment process held under the Agreement for the Recognition of the Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation Band.As of November 30, 2009, close to 25,000 applications had been received and approximately 11,000 have been approved by the Enrolment Committee.1972–1982: Early successes Province agrees to contribute to basic genealogical research of Mi’kmaq people on the Island.Negotiations for recognition begin with the federal government.Its chief membership by late 1972: six affiliated Mi’kmaq bands on the island of Newfoundland: .

FNI’s mandate: To promote the social, cultural, economic, and educational well-being of the Newfoundland Mi’kmaq.2014-Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation Act In June, 2014 Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation Act received Royal Assent.2015-Review Process Extended, Review Committee Enhanced On April 2, 2015, the Government of Canada and FNI announced that the enrolment process was extended to June 30, 2016 and the appeal process deadline was extended to January 31, 2017.David Crombie, Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development (DIAND), requests participation of Newfoundland government in tripartite negotiations on financial arrangements for FNI.Newfoundland governmentrejects Newfoundland participation in tripartite talks. FNI presents Canada with the “2002 Mi’kmaq Regime” proposal.As well, the Enrolment Committee was expanded from four members to eight.