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Their explanations hit on all-the-common complaints: The city’s too transient and too career-driven. C.: Profiles in Courage] And they may have a point. C., after all, was dubiously named this year the best city to find love on Valentine’s Day because, well, the city has so many young people who have not yet found love. “I almost worry sometimes that I won’t want to be a relationship.” Schattner says he plans to post a five-minute-or-so video to his Web site every Monday for the next month.One subject in Schattner’s documentary suggests that the best sure way to find love is to move out of D. If it’s successful, he’s going to continue filming, delving into topics such as the best date spots in D.More than in other places, having serious hobbies or interests outside of work is seen as less usual, which makes it both more difficult to meet those with similar interests, and makes people one does meet less multi-faceted.

C., the best breakup spots, and who should be paying on these dates.Ultimately, he hopes this project spurs a larger conversation about dating in D. By his count, he’s been on about 90 first dates in D. (He says he always pays.) Schattner is now setting out to determine what’s gone awry in his dating life: Is it D. A videographer for a nonprofit by day, Schattner is creating a “docuseries” on his Web site,, exploring this very topic. “I hit a lot of check marks,” say Schattner, explaining that on paper anyway, it seems he should be a catch.(Sorry.) Schattner and his friends have a lot of theories on why there are so many single people in the District, yet it seems to be such a despairing place to find real romance. singles “connect for a minute, and then it’s on to the next,” Schattner’s friend Alex says in one of the videos.NYC and DC women claim that the men are extremes of their types.

Everyone agrees that men (and women) in both places are extremely driven and ambitious, which can create special kinds of conflicts between dating couples.

For example, say ‘looking for a relationship’ instead of ‘not looking for a hookup’.”When it comes to dating online everyone has a love story or a horror story.

The thing I hate is when someone has a bad experience and everything is based off that one, epic experience.

I am originally from New York, and have lived in DC for many years, so I know and talk to women in both cities about this subject.

Interestingly, both NYC and DC women complain about the lack of variety in the men they meet.

Dating is a deeply personal thing and everyone has different needs. It has a fun vibe and being the math lover that I am I think it’s impressive that it was started by mathematicians at Harvard.