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Still, she repeated the words she previously told , explaining that race did not ultimately play a factor in her decision-making: "Love doesn't have a color, so my journey for love shouldn't be any different than the other 12 Bachelorettes in front of me." For his part, Bigger said he has "never been this happy with a girl" and announced that he is not running away from love anymore.

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Channel 4 describes their new show as a "daring new dating series that starts where some good dates might end - naked." Here's how it works: one lucky contestant is faced with six potential dates, whose faces are hidden but whose bodies, from the waist down to begin with, are on full display.

They stand in lit up boxes and let it all (and I do mean all) hang out.

So while I want to thank all the writers,editors, photo mavens, tech wizards, interns, and celebrity guest bloggerswho helped put together Pop Watch in 2007, I especially want to thankyou, the readers, for your lively, intelligent, and civil commentary.

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That these continue to be issues of contention saddens me, and it’spartly our fault as critics and journalists for not doing a better jobof explaining what the stakes are.

That’s why I am so grateful to havebeen part of Pop Watch in 2007, to have a forum to raise such issues andstart a conversation.It was this sort of writing — passionate discussion of things individual writers cared deeply about — that marked the best of Pop Watch for me in 2007.Whether or not you shared Michael Slezak’s enthusiasm for Fergie, or his appalled feelings over toys, or Simon Vozick-Levinson on hip-hop, or Chris Willman on country music and Bruce Springsteen, or Marc Bernardin on sci-fi, or Whitney Pastorek on music festivals and indie film, or Ken Tucker on , and too many others to name.The conversation with his aunt saw Lindsay opening up about being judged by two groups of people while on her TV journey as ABC's first black Bachelorette."I’m getting judged by black people, and then getting judged by everybody else," she confided.The phrase “guilty pleasure” has long outlived its usefulness.