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It’s nice to make a romantic gesture in front of her co-workers, but do yourself a favor and save that for sending her a huge bouquet instead.

(Too Early) In the Morning Sure, it would be a very romantic gesture to have your girl wake up to a ring under her pillow.

But very few people feel their best before a shower and a cup of coffee.

But if you are going to lead her along, make sure that an actual proposal follows pretty quickly. Don’t frustrate your loved one by making them sit in front of a nigh-unsolvable monstrosity for hours!

I can pretty much guarantee that this is one of the worst marriage proposals gone awry I can think of – and it’s kind of cruel. While She’s Stressed While your proposal might seem to be the thing that would take her mind off of everything and make her happy- it’s not.

CLICHES Even if someone else has a brilliant marriage idea, if you copy it you’ll have to live knowing that it wasn’t really your own proposal. She wants her proposal to be a perfect moment framed by happiness and serenity, not a light ending to an awful day or activity. Kidnapping Her It may seem romantic to whisk your girlfriend away without her knowledge to a restaurant where you’ll propose to her, but don’t.

Avoid a cliché proposal by reflecting on what matters most to the two of you, and what exactly it is that made you fall in love, and find a way– your own way– to work it in to your proposal. She might think mobster rather than marriage, and those prison floors are awfully hard to consider going down on bended knee there!Simply saying something like “I can’t imagine spending my life without you” is sweet, but doesn’t exactly lend itself to a yes or no; it should always be followed by something they can answer back!Hiding it in (Messy) Food Beyond all the potential pitfalls involved with accidentally-swallowed jewelry, no one wants to wear a ring covered in goopy chocolate sauce.Assuming those two things have been taken care of, though, a ring might make an interesting addition to a breakfast in bed.At her Office The last thing you want to do is surprise her at a place many associate with stress and dissatisfaction.Don’t make the mistake of trying to pull off something doomed from the get-go.