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I'd set aside money to, uh, before my prior arrangements fell through." She smiled at his stumbling over his words. She looked for a moment like there was something else she wanted to say, but she didn't. As she opened the door, he caught a glimpse inside. Philip lay in the bed in the guest room, mostly just grateful for a place to sleep, not wanting to press his luck. He slowly became aware of a faint humming sound coming from the other side of the wall. Suddenly Philip realized that this was the wall separating the guest bedroom from Margot's own room. He kept listening, and he could hear her breathing now, heavily. But at the same time, he wondered what she was thinking about as he pleasured herself. He pictured her, lying in bed, full breasts jiggling as her fingers worked at her beautiful pussy and that bright blue vibrator buzzed over her clitoris. When he woke up the next morning she was already gone, but he found a note pinned to her refrigerator.

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Finally, it was time to admit that, for whatever reason, Steven had let him down. He lugged his suitcase out of the terminal and looked around outside. "We were never really right for each other." She patted his knee. The important thing is not to get bitter over it, and it looks like you're doing pretty well on that.

So he went onto Facebook and made a post, throwing himself on the mercy of his group of friends, hurrying before his phone battery died. And someone suggested he find a cheap motel or hostel, which was something he had thought of was hoping to avoid. He didn't know this neighbourhood, or know where anything was, but there was a little Vietnamese place on the corner that looked okay. He found a table with an empty outlet and slid the suitcase under his chair and plugged in his phone.

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There was a baby-pink couch and armchair facing the TV, pink-and-white gingham curtains, and a thick pink carpet. Things are going pretty well, I guess." He could tell that things weren't going well on all fronts, but thought it would be better not to pry.

She had a poster of The Little Mermaid on the wall over the couch and a collection of what looked like animation cells on one wall, mostly from old Disney and Don Bluth movies, and a big white bookcase full of movies. He realized the divorce hadn't been all that long ago, and was afraid he had struck a sore spot.

Before anyone could say a word, she pulled him in for a hug. Margot had always had wide hips and a large, beautiful bottom, he thought.

There was something sexy in how unsexual she seemed, and it made him feel daring just to contemplate it. She lead him up a flight of stairs through the common area, to her own door.

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