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While arguably not as A-list as Gyllenhaal, he's still a big name, and the Golden Globes is where all of the big name celebs from TV and film come together to get drunk as hell on live TV. Plus, presenters at these award shows tend to be people who audiences love, aka the cast of all the Marvel movies. So Loki himself is probably invited to attend at the very least, if he's not presenting., people! Swift made it clear she's moved on from all of them, and they've all moved on from her (as far as we can tell), so the odds of them all being like, "Hahahaha, this is so funny, let's all take a pic together!! Even though fans think he was snubbed for a Best Actor nomination at the Golden Globes, Jake Gyllenhaal will probably be at the show as well.

is nominated for Best Animated Film and Nick Jonas created original music for the film.So the middle Jonas brother will probably be there to support both his future wife and his little bro.The first of Swift's famous exes we can expect to see is Harry Styles.is nominated in the Best Director — Motion Picture and Best Picture — Drama categories, so as long as he's not busy on tour or anything, we can bet on seeing Styles there to support the film and its director, Christopher Nolan.If Harry Styles does show up at the awards show, it will mark his first-ever Golden Globes appearance!

Fans are crossing their fingers hoping he'll be there.

For people who were hoping that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield would hit the Golden Globes red carpet together, you might have been disappointed to see they didn't come together.

However, Stone brought her brother to the Golden Globes, which is actually possibly even better than her showing up with her ex-boyfriend.

On this page: The art of constructing globes for sale in quantities was pioneered by craftsmen in the Netherlands.

Initially, globes were made on two parts over a wooden form using layers of pasted paper.

Sure, the Golden Globes are the drunkest night in Hollywood and not as prestigious as the Oscars and Emmys (I'm sorry, they're just not!