Dating gun lovers

"The right doesn't own the flag, guns or the Constitution," Gross writes me in an email.

State and federal law already provide that live-in abusers convicted of domestic abuse battery lose their gun rights.

Unfortunately, just as many if not more people are abused (and killed) in dating relationships, according to law enforcement.

Consider your heavily-armed author's position: I say gun ownership is a necessary line of defense against investment bankers, Wall Street lawyers, big business, the corporatized wing of the Democratic Party, the U. Chamber of Commerce, the Business Roundtable, ALEC, Nazis, gangbangers, meth fiends, cops and politicos who cut welfare and education programs while refusing to downsize the military or raise taxes on the rich.

When I was living in New York City, I voted for Bill de Blasio.

America's Gun Violence Epidemic I like my guns.

I like the Colt Trooper .357 Magnum, and the FN .40, and the Lee-Enfield .303, and the Remington 12 gauge, and the Ruger Mini-14 with 30-shot clip and the Smith & Wesson Model 39 – this last a gift from my father, a New Yorker and, like me, a liberal who is several planets to the left of President Obama. He shrugs and by way of excuse says he enjoys the group's monthly magazine, .What I don't believe are the National Rifle Association (NRA) distortions on behalf of letting violent abusers possess guns.Right now the NRA is going, well, ballistic trying to kill House Bill 223 by state Rep. HB 223 would add abusive “dating partners” to the list of persons covered by Louisiana’s domestic abuse battery law.With her long blonde hair and tiny cut-off shorts, Bunny Hunter, real name Michelle Rovinsky, isn't your average survivalist.I'm a lifelong hunter and outdoorsman, and I believe in the right of citizens to own firearms — responsibly.Moreno’s bill comes up for a vote in the House on Monday, May 8.