Dating heddon lure boxes

Many other companies have made similar baits, and most folks call them all “Globe-style” baits.South Bend produced a good selection of topwater baits, and it started the Surf-Oreno line in 1916.At first glance, the 5-hook Shakespeare Wooden Minnows look very similar to the Heddon No.

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My obsession with old fishing tackle grew from that point on.

Some of my favorite old fishing lures were made from 1900 through about 1960. I hope this bit of tackle history will help get you hooked on collecting old fishing lures, too! Most of these wooden baits had either three or five treble hooks, although at least two companies made slightly larger versions that boasted six treble hooks!

In the mid-80s, I found my first tackle box of antique lures at an auction near Lake of the Ozarks.

I was surprised to see that buyers were so interested in old fishing plugs, even the wooden Creek Chub Pikies and Lazy Ikes, like the ones I still had in some of my fishing tackle boxes.

You can find the glass eyes and the patent dated lip on lures made in the 1950's.

For any questions about vintage antique fishing reels, lures or tackle, please feel free to Email or Call me. Remember, I'm always buying old vintage fishing lures and reels!Before 1900, very few commercially produced wooden fishing lures were made and sold in the United States.The period from 1900 to 1930, however, must have been an exciting time for avid sport fishing anglers looking for new wooden fishing lures.Dills was the inventor and received the lure patents. The most popular lure and the most prolific lure was the Pikie. Early models had no marking on the lip, but later models were marked CCBCO and the patent date 9-7-20.Creek Chub was one of the last companies to use glass eyes in their lures.For about 10 years, starting in 1906, the side hooks were mounted on a clip or a plate that ran through a hole in the body.