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What I’m basically saying is that no matter what I say, don’t take it to be gospel for every other gay person’s experience in Tokyo.I’m just sharing what I have experienced in my year plus here, nothing more, nothing less.

For getting around, taxi service is much more reasonable here than Tokyo.

I recently came out, and it was far less painful and emotional a process than I thought it would be – largely because I have awesome family and friends and I am in love with an absolutely wonderful man.

Although there is a multitude of places to choose from on the main streets, most locals go to the winding side streets.

A common goal seems to be finding the smallest possible bar to squeeze into. To underscore how densely pack together these places are you may be thinking: “If we don’t like this place, we’ll go to the one down the hall, upstairs, downstairs or next door.”With taxis outrageously expensive, many people stick to spots in walking distance to home or work. To announce someone is buying shots for the whole place.

It’s where the Hard Cafe Tokyo is located, and better still (for girls) has Tokyo’s newest high-end mall, Roppongi Hills.

And guys, it’s crammed full of young, well-groomed Japanese women.By Robi Hutcheson So, you’ve only got a few nights – maybe just a one-night layover – to spend in Japan.This is a quick guide to Tokyo – the best bars, clubs, restaurants and scene spots.It’s good for locals as well as visitors of all nationalities.In addition to Tokyo, we take a quick jaunt to Kyoto, a tourist city with a vibrant nightlife.Yes, it has jazz clubs with covers and “hostess” clubs that will hit you up for 0 before the girls and drinks arrive.