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Au contraire— a 2010 study by The Institute for Social and Economic Research surveyed 2500 children, and found that, on average, only children are happier than their be-siblinged peers.Many of the only children surveyed claimed that they were happier because they did not have to compete for their parents' affection.

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Many of our most beloved celebrities, including former president Franklin D.

Roosevelt, rock 'n' roll pioneer Elvis Presley, Academy Award-winner Natalie Portman, and noted Head Auror Harry Potter were raised with no siblings, and turned out just fine. Let's see what Only Child Science (instead of bullying Older Sibling Popular Opinion) has to say on the matter.

Moreover, most of them concentrate their time and efforts on pursuing their career and give little time for looking after their children.

They rely on social establishments to take care of their kids, which may result in the children's mental loneliness. A one-child family usually has to support four old parents from both families, which is a big burden.

Since so-called "lonely onlies" have never had to engage in classic coming-of-age rituals like fighting for their parents' affection or getting pantsed by older siblings, they're assumed to have grown up into strange, self-centered adults who are unable to compromise in romantic relationships, share credit at work, or not cheat at Monopoly.

But where did all this bad press about only children come from — and what does science actually have to say about being an only child?But surely we've at least got to be a little miserable, right?Don't we long for the traditional larger family dynamic, immortalized in great works of art like The Sound of Music and Just The Ten of Us?Wang Jie, an expert on marriage issues with the Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences, pointed out four advantages and four disadvantages respectively.On the disadvantages list, Wang puts on the top the frictions between husband and wife.So why don't you try to develop a new vision of the only child as a smart, happy, motivated, socially agile high achiever, instead of a friendless weirdo trapped in their own bizarre head? If you do, I might even let you sit in the chair that I usually reserve for Pinchers (HA HA JK NOT HAPPENING).