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- The Police officers at the booths in one of the bridges were ment to be Traffic Enforcement Bereu Officers, but were simply changed to normal LCPD officers. - NOOSE operatives are the only ones to do hand-to-hand signals, although it's just an animation.

- The Annihilators spawned outside the wanted levels have NOOSE Pilots, the ones in the wanted levels have normal operatives.

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If you call Roman after probably because he assumed that he wouldn't be working. They are more decayed and yellow than, for example, Niko's or Elizabeta's.

- There is an artwork that is not in any loading screens (360, PS3 or PC), but still remains in the files. - Little Jacob speaks in Iyaric, while Badman speaks Jamaican Patois.

It's likely R* San Diego used GTA IV as inspiration. -Sometimes after an intense situation such as a shootout or a fist fight Niko will usually display an angry facial expression which goes back to his default expression a short time after. -Police officers can buy newspapers from newstands.

-Girlfirends are very noticing of what Niko wears/drives.

He will respond negatively to Kiki, calling her too proper for Niko, but positively to Carmen and Alex since they're both hot and young.

- The kill that finally gets to Niko is, surprisingly, Ray Boccino.Niko will say he wants to silence Bulgarin once and for all, and Packie will tell him not to say what he wishes for out loud because it won't come true (this foreshadows Bulgarin instead being killed by Luis).- Police officers have the name ''John Grimes'' written on their nametags - FIB agents were ment to have more accessories such as hats and glasses.For some reason I remember this artwork, but it was taken out of the game so I don't know where from.-Across the street from the famous 'Swingset Glitch' is a bus stop.Go to the entrance and look under the rubbish against the wall(shoot it out of the way). She could be held by the Mc Rearys for just a couple of days to several weeks.