Dating one year anniversary gift her Camtocamfree

How about a cast iron bowl or giant cooking pot filled with your partner’s favorite candy.Or an iron sculpture, maybe a sculpture of a tree or flower with candy tied to the branches of the tree or to the leaves and petals of the flower. You could get one or a set of varying sizes and fill the skillets with pancake mixes and sweet maple syrups.

You could include one of those wines of the month subscriptions from sites like to make sure the new rack stays full of interesting wine selections. To find alternatives to the traditional box of chocolates go to Sweet Factory.Or for a really special gift how about sticking tickets to wine country in the wine rack so you can pick your own wines right at the vineyards. Their selection of jelly beans and jelly bean jars either single flavors or mixed variety is particularly intriguing. I highly recommend Cheryl’s Cookies for wonderful choices and great shipping services…no broken cookies.You could through in a grill (I know most are not made of iron these days but it is the thought that counts) or a smoker so you have the complete outdoor cooking thing covered.You could also go with outdoor wrought iron furniture if you need a place for your guests to sit after you cook that great grilled meal.Give her a romantic item symbolizing one year together with a note attached.

For example, you could give her a single rose with a note attached that says, "one rose for the love that has blossomed between us this year." Other items could include a plush heart, a heart charm necklace, a heart-shaped balloon and a hand-written love letter made into a paper origami swan or rose. This is ideal if you haven't taken a big trip together yet.

Many hotels offer romance packages to enhance your trip.

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The Old Time Candy Company specializes in vintage candies from the 1950s, 60S, 70S, 80S and 90S.

Luxury chocolate maker Vosges has unique seasonal flavors which can’t be found elsewhere.

Concert tickets to see a favorite singer or band would be an exciting surprise.