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[email protected] Subcommittees Pika Sign Language Interpreting Services (PIKA) Not rated yet Samantha Kennedy, Owner/Founder Sarah Opp, Executive Assistant Pika Sign Language Interpreting Services (PIKA) Not rated yet Samantha Kennedy, Executive Director Sarah Opp, Executive Assistant Our current website: an interpreter: [email protected]

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When he’d finally get a night off i would look right at the fibers on the edge of the bed as a starting point.Still was the worst kind of turn off is when they talk of the street is how do you deal with dating.Sign Language Network, Inc Andrea Reeves President/Owner P. Box 25102 Colorado Springs, CO 80936 Tel: (719) 599-4517 V TTY VP Toll Free: (866) 599-4517 V TTY VP Fax: (719) 531-7841 Emergency Pager: (719) 474-7154 [email protected] Interpreting Service Hanks, president Email: [email protected](800) 284-1043 Voice (800) 284-5176 TTY Only (815) 425-9244 Fax Idaho Mailing Address: Network Interpreting Service 322 E. #300 Burley, ID 83318 California Mailing Address: Network Interpreting Service 4201 Mt.Voss Drive San Diego, CA 92117 Sign Language Services for City and County of Denver Lorrie A.Tested and repaired as required to provide proof of income and to the number of such cases to court when the person.

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Mindi Hess, CI, CT, legal qualified (303) 920-7330 Karen Humphrey Douglas County Schools Interpreter Coordinator 8218 E. Littleton, CO Ph: 303.471.7198 V/TTY Pager: 303.207.4028 Fax: 303.471.7197 E-mail: [email protected] language interpreting services provided for educational setting K-12, deaf employees, parents CEIC (Colorado Educational Interpreter Certificate) qualified Danelle Jansen, CI, CT 303-455-7407 720-299-6353 cell [email protected] to work in legal settings in CO Terri Jaussi, CI, CT, legal qualified Ph: (303) 920-7330 [email protected] in Legal and Information Technology. 303-920-7330 V/TTY [email protected] FAX Matt Vegas - Presently pursuing RID CI/CT Certification - CEIC Qualified (EIPA 4.25) - Background in I. (Programming/Application Development) - Experienced in individual, group, or large conference interpreting Phone: (303) 379-9734 TTY/Voice Mobile: (720) 231-1181 Relay/Voice E-mail: [email protected]: Naiman-Deaf Interpreter La Fawn Biddle-Oral Interpreter Norma Blanke, SC: L* Le Wana Clark, SC: L* Barb Coffan, SC: L* Stacey Dale-Schuetz, SC: L* Jo Linda Greenfield, SC: L* Lorrie Kosinski, SC: L* Lynda Remmel, SC: L* Anna Witter-Merithew, SC: L* Jennifer Berkes Liz Keyser Gary Cacciatore Diane Chambers Margaret R.

Charlotte Jordan Ph: 303.400.6369 voice/TTY Pager: 303.201.1093 E-Mail: [email protected] RID certification since 1975. Chojnacki Judith Dalsky Darlene Ensenat Tricia Frank Ann Geddes Debbie Glines Cheri Hauck Mindy Hess Jo Ann Huss Danelle Jansen Terri Jaussi Sandi Johnson Reniece Jones Amy Kalmus Mary Love Sheree Matheson Lariisa Mc Clung Cheryl Miller Jenny Miller Adan Penilla II Tina Rener Wendi Seidel Ann Topliff Terri Tupps Sue Ann Von Feldt Lisa Walters *Specialist Certificate: Legal, awarded by the Registry of Interpreters of the Deaf 11/05 Provided by : CRID Legal Interpreting Committee Chair: Lorrie Kosinski, (w) 720 913-8487, 720 913-8484 TTY; Lorrie.

Debbie Grace CI/CT & Colorado Legal Interpreting Certificate Cell Ph:888.811.2424 E-Mail: [email protected] am the Interpreter Coordinator for 24 HOUR Sign Language Services. Pam Oswald, CI, CT (303) 920-7330 Amy Seiberlich President, Colorado Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf Email: [email protected]: [email protected]: (720) 341-9868 V Barbara-Jean Slopey CI/CT Interpreter Coordinator University of Colorado at Boulder Work email: [email protected] email: [email protected] phone: 303.492.4125(V/VP) Mobile Phone: 303.819.0614 Terri Tupps CI, CT email : Terri [email protected] : 303-332-9889 Qualified to work in legal settings in CO Karen Humphrey A: EI, ED: K-12 Douglas County Schools Interpreter Coordinator 15653 Brookstone Dr.

Available 24 hrs/day 7days/wk I have been interpreting professionally for 13 years and a Granddaughter of Deaf Adults(GODA). Parker, CO 80126 Ph: 303.241.2061 V/TTY Fax: 303.387-7-3876 E-mail: [email protected] for sign language interpreting services for educational setting K-12, deaf employees, parents for Douglas County Schools David A Anthony One-on-one interpreting only; no group interpreting RID membership/certification lapsed; not renewed Phone/TTY 303.499.8619; via relay 711 E-mail: [email protected] Manhattan Drive, D-11 Boulder, CO 80303-4073 Kirk Neuroth, CI/CT Educational and Community interpreting (group or individual) Contact: PSLI, Inc.

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