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Athena had her teeth sunk into my trapezius so that she wouldn't scream and wake up mom and dad, her toned arms under hooked beneath my armpits, pulling me down into her as I pushed into her.Both of us were straining, our muscles bunched up like live wires.

Could you let him know green corduroy works best with his skin tone?Comments and questions should be directed to [email protected]'*s editors, though such behavior is wildly entertaining. Press inquiries regarding the party, and press inquiries only, should be directed to [email protected] For additional information and application details, visit or call 212-286-7141.A little luxury, a lot of comfort describes the Vanity Fair illumination brief. The major plus for me is no binding around the legs. Great fit, great feel and comfortable to wear all day. *To ask permission to reprint a picture or article in any medium, please fax a request to 212-630-5883, contact [email protected], or call 212-630-5656. For personal reading purposes—if you know the article's issue date—e-mail [email protected] call Back Issues at 1-800-365-0635. These should be kept brief—no more than two or three paragraphs—and should include a "news peg" and an explanation of why you are particularly well suited to write such a piece. Submit your story suggestion to [email protected] it will be directed to the attention of the appropriate editor.

We're working on Reno's fifth annual black-tie gala to highlight the plight of abluthophobes.(printed in English and containing most of the content that appears in the U. version) is published monthly out of London and distributed worldwide.While the magazines' stories are comparable, their advertisements can vary considerably. We were thinking of Bruce Weber's photo portfolio on Scandinavian lingerie, "Swede Surrender." How does a club, company, school, or organization get a reprint of a previously published piece?In all cases, be sure to include your name, address, and daytime phone number. I've tacked his contributor's picture to my wall, and every night I read some sonnets, such as "Woman's Constancy," to my Little Jim, as I call him.I've bought these cutouts of Ken-doll clothes and sometimes dress Jim up.Designed with shimmer fabrics and satin accents to make you feel stunning, this pretty panty has got you covered. I have other vanity fair panties that make me feel like I have a diaper on and bind around the leg.