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I think you will find the online information from this conference the most comprehensive of any Shroud conference ever.

A description of what is on each page is provided below, along with a direct link to the page itself.Many Gateway Pages include secondary links to articles, images and other websites.Paolo also published the complete papers in book form. This conference was organized by the Lima Catholic Studies Center (CEC-Lima) and Accion Universitaria.The speakers included scholars well know in the Shroud world: Dr. Doctor of Physics, philosopher and theologian and member of the Vatican Astronomical Observatory, professor at Carroll University, Cleveland (USA) and natural philosophy at the University of Comillas (Spain); and Professor Rafael de la Piedra, a theologian and scholar of the Holy Shroud.Bruno Barberis, associate professor of mathematical physics at the Faculty of Sciences, University of Turin and since 2002, Director of the International Center for Studies on the Shroud in Turin; Fr. The above link is to the Spanish language website of the congress.

As additional information becomes available I will include it in future updates.

We have also created a special page for the Panama Conference on

It includes a brief overview and photographs of the event along with a complete listing of the speakers and their topics.

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With a host of speakers from around the world presenting papers on a wide array of Shroud related topics, the open event attracted a large volume of attendees who filled the huge auditorium every day. As we have done many times in the past, we have created a special page for the Valencia Conference on