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This would support Nostradamus' expectation that the so-called Tribulation that appears in the Book of Revelation will not arrive until 42 months prior to the year 2242 or 2243.

Thus, just as this year has straddled the roads of peace and war since the start, we find ourselves at an even more dangerous crossroads where the peace could be won in Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, and even Syria, but lost in a major military intervention of Iraq by Turkey and Iran and a catastrophic US-UK-French war in Iran and the waters of the Persian Gulf.

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I must admit, having seen the various videos, that the image is rather striking.

However, the apocalyptic vista painted in line 3, which was to follow or happen concurrantly with the event in line 4, has yet to materialise.

"The entire object has a nice yellow-white color; no sign of any tail.

The apparent magnitude is 2.8 (estimated using Mirfak at 1.9 and the other two bright stars adjacent to it at 3.0 each) and has remained rather steady all evening."which I projected would occur in September/October 2007, but are now underway in October.

Comparisons to Hale-Bopp are already being made by sky watchers.

What is more, its appearance and abnormal outburst in magnitude makes it something of a "miracle comet." Although I failed to officially characterise it as such, 2008 shall be "year one" of the Age of Miracles both great and terrible.However, if Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is murdered during the appearance of "the great comet" or soon after, which I projected would be easily seen in the heavens at about this time, peace will evaporate overnight.The kings of the earth shall curse the comet and, one by one, cities will ignite in flames.Thus far, everyone has been getting in on the act, including Jordan's King Abdullah and Pope Benedict XVI.The peace, if it is accomplished, I feel will last only about a year.Sadly, with talks by President George W Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney warning that the current crisis with Iran could quickly turn into "World War III," it would appear the latter scenario might yet dominate.