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I hope that tomorrow I 'll get back your letter and your picture .

Presumably the motivation is abortive financial extraction though the mechanism is unclear at this point.

Career became the reason that I still have no husband , no children. I do not think that the age difference is an important factor in the relationship between man and woman . xxxxx, I feel that you're worried about why I 'm writing to you from another country . I'm a little shy in real life , so I am looking for love on the Internet. Only now I realized that my career did not bring me happiness. xxxxx, for me this morning began with a small disaster. So I do not think it will be a problem for us , if we really want a solid relationship. If you do not like me , you better say it right now, at the beginning of our acquaintance . xxxxx, I will try to tell you more about me and my family. I try to visit them almost every weekend and in his spare time . With grammar me a little worse , but after talking with you all is well . All the men in Russia , so to speak softer, irresponsible and frivolous .

I decided to change my outlook on life, because family is more important . Because men with age smarter and more experienced and I would be happy to live with this man . For example, I like men who are calm, sincere and do not cheat . I hope that you have such qualities as honesty and honesty in a relationship . Because I , for example, had tried to find a man in my town or in another , but nothing happened . Today, I also send you a photo , which was made last weekend. I do not know whether you want to get acquainted with me because of the distance between our countries. I've blasted her how somebody can be so stupid and take the mobile phone in the shower, also I've ask her if she's working for this Erotic Saloon...... xxxxxx, today I am sending you a photo where I was at sea. Tomorrow I'm going to carry it in for repair , I hope that everything will be fine . They are very upset if they found out what happened with this gift .