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A more recent study using ultrasound measurements (Bernstein,1997) found similar connections.Muscle thickness decreases with age, especially in women older than 60.

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“But I’m not worried about vaginal length,” you might be thinking. ” Let’s examine some of the medical data available to answer these questions. The vagina is like a collapsed, expandable tube lined with skin; the tissue below the skin is loose and contains large veins.“My problem is that I think my vagina is too loose – or too wide. Next are smaller circular muscles surrounded by stronger bands of muscle which run the length of the vagina.The ring of muscles around the vaginal opening contract during orgasm and may contribute to the intensity of an orgasm. This can be a matter of opinion based upon the input of a sexual partner, or one’s observations of vaginal tone.Researchers have devised some ways to measure vaginal tone such as a pressure sensitive intravaginal balloon device, and ultrasound measurements of vaginal area (“pelvic floor”) muscle thickness.In addition, the lower third of the vagina is surrounded by a ring of muscles.

This is covered by more connective tissue and blood vessels.

Women with incontinence (probably thinner muscles) scored the worst on the sex questions.

I’ve tried Kegel exercises but they don’t work for me.

This is done about 20 minutes up to several times a week.

One patient of mine who used this device found it sexually pleasurable.

I older women mature sex moved between her thighs and positioning my self I began to thrust into her.